Why is CMI Certification the Gold Standard for Management Professionals?

CMI Certification is an internationally recognised credential that validates the knowledge, skills and experience of managers and leaders in a wide range of ethical and effective management practices. The Chartered Management Institute, the highest professional body for managers and leaders, awards CMI Qualifications. So, CMI-certified professionals often have a competitive edge in the job market. These certifications also have a significant global presence, which opens up opportunities for career advancement and higher-level management roles in diverse industries and regions worldwide.

The Path to Professional Growth: How can you get a CMI Certification?

The Business landscape is evolving. Whether you are an aspiring business leader or an established manager, earning a CMI certification can be an excellent choice for professional growth. There are a variety of options available to enrol for the CMI qualification. Consider taking CMI certifications from a CMI-approved centre in your region. If you are looking for one in the UK, the School of Business & Technology London (SBTL) is the best in the industry.


Because they keep exceptional standards in learning experiences!

Top Management and Leadership Courses for Aspiring Leaders

CMI offers various levels of certification depending on your current career status and future career goals. These range from Level 2 (Team Leading) to Level 7 (Strategic Management and Leadership Practice). Let’s look at them in detail.

CMI Level 2 Qualifications

  • Team Leading

Levels: Award, Certificate & Diploma

Designed for: New or aspiring team leaders

Aim: To support the development of their knowledge and competence in leading a team

Duration: 6-12 months

CMI Level 3 Qualifications

  • Principles of Management and Leadership
  • Management Coaching and Mentoring

Levels: Award, Certificate & Diploma Designed for Supervisors & First-line Leaders

Aim: Develop leadership, Coaching and Mentoring skills for fostering a positive organisational culture.

Duration: 6-12 months

CMI Level 4 Qualifications

  • Management and Leadership

Levels: Award, Certificate & Diploma Designed for: Junior Managers

Aim: Develop competence to lead teams and execute resources in an organisation

Duration: 6-12 months

CMI Level 5 Qualifications

  • Management and leadership (Award, Certificate, Diploma & Extended Diploma)
  • Professional Consulting (Award, Certificate & Diploma)
  • Professional Coaching Practice (Award, Certificate)
  • Professional Mentoring Practice (Award) Project Management (Certificate)

Designed for: Team Leaders at operations, division, departmental or specialist level

Aim: Enhance their ability to lead, organise, and mentor effectively in their chosen fields

Duration: 6-12 months, 18 months (Extended Diploma)

CMI Level 6 Qualifications

  • Professional Management and Leadership Practice

Levels: Award, Certificate & Diploma Designed for: Professional & Senior Leaders

Aim: Develop advanced knowledge and practical skills in leadership to navigate complex challenges and drive organisational success

Duration: 6-12 months

CMI Level 7 Qualifications

  • Leadership Coaching and Mentoring (Award, Certificate & Diploma)
  • Professional Consulting (Award, Certificate, Diploma & Extended Diploma)
  • Strategic Management and Leadership Practice (Award, Certificate, Diploma & Extended Diploma)

Designed for: Senior, Director & CEO

Aim: Drive innovation, implement strategic initiatives, and deliver impactful change across various industries and sectors.

Duration: 6-12 months, 18 months (Extended Diploma)

CMI level 7 diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice with MBA Top-up

You cannot directly pursue an MBA at Anglia Ruskin University. Therefore, anyone with a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership may qualify for direct enrolment in the CMI-MBA course via a pathway programme through SBTL. This offers an additional advantage to those who enrol at SBTL.

Find a CMI-approved centre: School of Business & Technology London.

For over 60 years, CMI has been the UK’s leading force in providing top-quality education and resources in leadership and management. It holds the special privilege of being the only institution that can grant the Chartered Manager Status- the highest honour in management. Aiming at ambitious professionals who want well-rounded leadership competencies in different areas, CMI is the best choice to make in certification. SBTL offers 10+ courses in CMI and Top-Up programmes in partnership with reputed universities in the UK to help people achieve their desired work goals. Give SBTL a chance to help you realise your full potential through quality education in management and leadership courses.