How to Master CMI Management and Leadership Courses?

CMI has developed leadership and management courses, keeping the heart of best practice in the development and subsistence of high standards of professional ethics and competence, underpinned by the principles of honesty and integrity. A professional manager will have expert knowledge and skills that apply to the benefit of co-workers and the organisation. By mastering CMI course, you will acquire and broaden your managerial skills. 

CMI has designed educational programs in different levels to ensure high value to your practical knowledge. Knowing more about the qualifications will pave a more convenient path to your management career.

Details of Qualification

Level 2 in Team Leading

It offers a highly flexible approach to learning and is for aspiring team leaders who aim to improve their team leading skills and knowledge.

Level 3 in Principles of Management and Leadership

This qualification is for first-line who require skills to achieve day-to-day operational activities and defined outcomes. This qualification imparts managers the communication and motivational abilities to help improve operational efficiency.

Level 4 in Management and Leadership

It is designed for Junior Managers to obtain personal managerial capabilities such as decision-making, managing team dynamics and the ability to delegate.

Level 5 in Management and Leadership

It is for practising mid-level managers and those aspiring to be senior managers who want to develop personal managerial capabilities and competencies. 

Level 6 in Management and Leadership

Aims to help Middle Managers aspiring to be Senior Managers to polish their supervision capabilities through effective decision-making and strategic leadership.

Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership

This course is developed for Directors and Senior Managers, focusing on the implementation of their organisational strategy.

Each leads on from the next, delivering professional learning that equips you with the abilities, knowledge and confidence to take your career further. Gaining diploma in level 5 or above makes you chartered manager, the most prestigious status available in the management field. On successful completion, you will be rewarded with recognition, thereby mastering it.

Comprehensive support and guidance throughout the learning morally boost one. SBTL offers high-quality education and unwavering support to the students. Contact us for more information.