Effective communication is a crucial leadership skill. To become a successful leader, one requires to know how to communicate with various groups within an organisation. This group includes employees, managers, customers and investors. Different communication and leadership style is required for each group. Leaders must be able to converse with each group according to the required style.

For effective communication, leaders must focus on:

  • Active Listening- Good listeners have the main role in the process of building trust, which is key to interpersonal relationships. An active listener should concentrate on not interrupting others and understanding what others want to convey.
  • Engagement by inspiring- Great leaders engage their employees by inspiring them. Inspiration is the driving force that keeps everyone working hard toward the ultimate goal. Motivating them helps in increasing enthusiasm and commitment to the work.
  • Feedback- Giving feedback to employees is a positive tool for improving productivity. Taking feedbacks from your team helps you to understand where you have to improve.
  • Body language-  Body language is also a significant aspect of effective communication. Leaders should become more aware of their body language and make a conscientious effort to improve it, as well as learn to read others’ correctly.
  • Storytelling- Illustrating through good stories creates trust, captures hearts and minds, and serves as a reminder of the vision. Staffs will easily remember a story than a vision statement or project plan.
  • Lucidity- Leaders should communicate with clarity. Be transparent and not vague while communicating with your employees.

How to be a good leader?

To be a good leader, you need to be a strong communicator and be open-minded. Along with the qualities mentioned above, a leader also needs to pass credibility and trust. Undergoing management and leadership training courses enhances your capabilities as a leader. CMI Level 5 leadership course and level 7 in management and leadership courses improve your skills and assist in taking the organisation into new heights under your leadership.

Get qualified

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