Why Choose a Career in the Tourism Industry?

Most of us prefer going on a trip as part of a travel package that provides accommodations, meals, entertainment, travel options, tour guides, etc., at a reasonable price. I am sure you know why! You may be one of those people who are happy to say, "I had a wonderful trip; I did not have to worry about anything because everything was taken care of. Thanks to the travel package!" If you truly enjoy creating better human experiences, working in diverse environments, travelling, creative planning and organising, then a career in tourism is for you!

Why study Hospitality and Tourism Management?

The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the sectors of the economy that has been hit hard by the pandemic. As the economy regains momentum, the travel, tourism and hospitality industry will benefit from increased commercial activity and shopper spending. Today, it is the most dynamic and global industry, providing more than 10% of global employment. In an ever-evolving industry, the right qualifications, experience, skills and knowledge of the tourism sector are essential to climbing the career ladder. While most careers have a degree of predictability, repetition and monotony, Hospitality and Tourism Management is a career that is both exciting and rewarding.

Advantages of studying Tourism & Hospitality courses

- The opportunity to see something new every day: The diversity of this industry will never limit you in your job search. From exotic hotels to resorts to different countries, you will be exposed to a whole new way of life every day. That's exactly what makes working in this industry so exciting.

- Exposure to Global Industries: Many well-known hospitality and tourism companies have business extensions worldwide, such as Airbnb, Marriot and Hilton. If you study and work in this field, you will have the chance to be part of a truly global team.

- A career without limits: In recent years, tourism has had a major impact on the development of countries’ economies. For the same reason, this is an industry that is growing exponentially. There are numerous job opportunities, and you can land a job with good earning potential anywhere in the world.

- Develop transferable skills: The knowledge and skills you gain from studying tourism and hospitality will prepare you for many challenges and situations. You will be well equipped in many important business aspects such as business management, teamwork, leadership, intercultural awareness, creativity, finance and budgeting, marketing basics, project management and much more.

- A fun profession: A career in tourism will literally open up the world for you. This industry is so dynamic that you will meet new people, cultures and languages from all over the world every day. The versatility in terms of work environment and opportunities is what makes this profession so much more interesting!

- Start your own business: With good business sense, acumen and creative genius, you can start your own business and reach great heights.

Should you choose Hospitality or Tourism?

Although the hospitality and tourism sectors overlap a lot in the work environment, there are slight differences that can change your career prospects. Both are people oriented industries dedicated to taking care of guests and travellers, with a special concern for making them feel comfortable.

The hospitality industry usually deals with providing accommodation and food services to potential customers. Hotels, resorts and restaurants are some of the hospitality businesses that cater to these needs.

Tourism is an industry that provides a wide range of services to enhance people's travel experience. These include transportation services, guided tours, and entertainment services.

Even though you will gain skills required for both industries from a course, it is important to know which career path you are most interested in so you know
'what' and 'where' to look for opportunities!

What are the career opportunities in these sectors?

Studying tourism and hospitality can lead to a variety of exciting and rewarding career opportunities. You can explore work environments in hotels, airlines, destinations, resorts, casinos, conferences, conventions, outdoor recreation, and cruise ships, and work as travel agents, tour operators, hotel managers, food and beverage managers and more.

How can you build the skills for the workplace?

If you have already thought about expanding your horizons in the field, you may want to develop your business management skills. There are several program options you can choose from. Undergraduate and graduate programs provide a broader, more in-depth knowledge of all areas of the industry. If you want to upskill your professional education, you can opt for certificate programs that focus on the area of your interest. The good thing is that all these programs can now be completed online as well.

At School of Business & Technology London, we offer online Tourism and Hospitality Management courses from Level 5 to Level 7 with many benefits. You can narrow down your list of programs based on how much time and money you can spend on them, what kind of skills and what kind of degree/certification you want to earn.

What is the Level 5 Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management?

The Level 5 Tourism & Hospitality Management course is intended for learners who want to improve their technical knowledge and practical skills to adorn managerial roles in the tourism and hospitality sector. The qualification will provide extensive theoretical and practical knowledge to understand complex organisational issues at the management level. This course also targets learners hoping to change their career path by seeking entry into tourism and hospitality management .

Is it globally recognised?

The Level 5 Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management is awarded by the IBT, which is recognised for offering high-quality diploma and degree programs for students seeking professional vocational qualifications. The qualifications provided by IBT are regularly updated to meet the changing needs of education providers and employers. It facilitates progression to higher education and career development opportunities.

Why should you choose the School of Business & Technology London?

School of Business & Technology London is dedicated to offering professional diploma courses in various disciplines via blended and online learning. The qualifications offered at SBTL are internationally recognised and accredited by leading Ofqual.gov.uk regulated awarding bodies such as CMI, QUALIFI, British Computer Society (BCS), OTHM, ILM (City & Guilds) and TQUK. SBTL strives to provide quality education and transform students' skills, knowledge, and abilities to increase their employability in a fast-paced business world.