Why should you consider a course in Health and Social Care?

Are you looking for a career that will allow you to make positive changes every day? Well, good news! The healthcare industry is looking for you!

Is Health and Social Care a demanding career?

The pandemic may have brought some economies and businesses to the brink, but the healthcare industry has held its own during this crucial time. As a result of the growing and ageing population, emerging diseases, and new healthcare technologies, there has been an increased demand for unique specialisations and skills for health and social care workers. It is one of the fastest- growing industries that will provide many employment opportunities in the near future. If you are looking forward to working in a rewarding and fast-paced industry, it may be time to consider a new career in healthcare seriously.

What are the essential skills required to be a healthcare professional?

A successful career in health and social care is not everything about educational credentials and hands-on training; your soft skills are just as important as your technical skills. A good healthcare worker can think independently, address issues, empathise with patients, collaborate with colleagues, recognise ethical and moral issues in healthcare practise, communicate patiently, and manage stress with a positive attitude while ensuring that quality care is delivered at the right time.

How can you enhance your skills with a course in Health and Social Care?

Above all, the good thing is that the healthcare industry is large enough to offer a variety of attractive careers, ranging from treating illness to improving wellness to prioritising non-clinical needs. You do not have to commit to one career path, but have the flexibility to choose from a variety of options depending on your interests, skills, and educational background. Also, the demand is greater in the UK and there are said to be many vacancies in the NHS and social care settings. Now that you know this is a good field, you may be wondering what courses are available to you. The healthcare courses offered in the UK is very advanced. There are many ways to earn a qualification online that is also recognised worldwide. You can conveniently complete a certification online and earn a qualification that will help you advance in your career. Some of the certifications you can consider in Health and Social Care field are:

  •  Certificate course in Understanding Mental Health (mental health care for children, elderly and young people
  • Certificate course in Dementia care ( supporting and caring those with dementia)
  •  Certificate course in safe handling of medication in health and social care ( safe medication handling)
  •  Certificate course in customer service in care (handling relationships with patients and families)

If you are the right person with the right attitude, you may also consider doing a diploma in Health and Social Care with us. We offer Health and Social Care courses at three levels, beginning from Level 3. Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 3 is a comprehensive course for individuals looking to start a career in the health and social care setting.

What can Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care offer you?

QUALIFI Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care will provide you with the knowledge, understanding, and practical skills needed for professional development in health and social care. This diploma in Health and Social Care Level 3 offers the course in two units: a standard core of compulsory units, the knowledge that can be applied in any area of health and social care, and optional units that allow you to specialise in a particular area. After completing the course, you will find great opportunities in many avenues of health care, such as a social worker, health care assistant, community development manager, health care administrator, welfare officer, and more. Aside from a pay check that makes your efforts worthwhile, the work also offers you a great sense of fulfilment. We promise to provide you with the best that suits your needs with a Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care.

Is it globally recognised?

The Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 3 is awarded by QUALIFI, certified by Ofqual, the UK's national accreditation authority. It is recognised worldwide and allows direct entry into employment in a related profession or further study with the Level 4 Certificate in Health and Social Care. It also allows you to enter the first year of an undergraduate degree in Health and Social Care.

Why should you choose School of Business & Technology London?

School of Business & Technology London is dedicated to offering professional diploma courses in various disciplines via blended and online learning. The qualifications offered at SBTL are internationally recognised and accredited by leading Ofqual.gov.uk regulated awarding bodies such as CMI, QUALIFI, British Computer Society (BCS), OTHM, ILM (City & Guilds) and TQUK. SBTL strives to provide quality education and transform students' skills, knowledge, and abilities to increase their employability in a fast-paced business world.