Why Should Organisations Invest in Mentoring?

We know that mentoring assist employees in performing better and efficiently. It also gives them personal development and satisfaction. Mentoring is no doubt beneficial to employees but is it healthful for the organisation? If yes, what are the gains and why should a company invest in it?

The benefits of mentoring for an organisation are:

  • Enhances employment growth and engagement
    It benefits companies through better educated, trained and engaged employees. Mentors can help learn specific job skills or by preventing missteps by sharing lessons learned. It also boosts employee engagement in an organisation.
  • Improve staff morale, performance and motivation
    Providing clear guidance and constant support by mentors can improve staff morale, performance and also motivate them.
  • Increase diversity
    It helps to increase gender and ethnic diversity within many organisations.
  • Better employee satisfaction
    Studies have shown that those with mentors had significantly higher job satisfaction than those without mentors. Happier employees are suitable for companies in a multitude of ways, including higher productivity.
  • Less turnover       
    Assigning a mentor sends a clear message that the company cares about the career potential of the employee and is willing to invest time and resources to help. It can result in employee loyalty and increased productivity.
  • Saves time
    A boss may not have enough time for guiding junior staffs. Mentors can devote more time to the mentee and can act like a friend instead of a boss, which avoids sending mixed signals to an employee about her performance or job prospects.
  • Sharing Knowledge
    A practical and cost-effective way for senior employees to pass on knowledge of the industry and organisation to junior staff.
  • Change management
    Mentors can assist a company manage change can by showing employees how to adjust to new roles, leaders or expectations.
  • Boosts leadership and coaching skills in managers
    By acting as mentors, senior managers acquire experience as a subject expert and leader, exposure to fresh perspectives and new ideas. It also allows reflecting on their own goals and broadening professional development record.
  • Career growth 
    It supports by growing employees into more senior positions, thereby reducing hiring and turnover costs and keep employees continually striving to be the best that they can be.

Mentoring has an overall impact on enhancing staff productivity and engagement within the company. Senior or experienced managers will be good mentors as they have necessary experiences and capabilities. Attaining knowledge in mentoring can be accomplished by undertaking online training programs. The best course available is Level 7 in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring, which helps in acquiring desirable skills. Senior managers with polished experience and knowledge could mentor effectively, leading the organisation to success. Hence, investing in mentoring is profitable for organisations.

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