Is Business Administration a Good Major?

For every aspiring business professional, business administration has been the best way to break into the industry. But according to some people, an administration degree is not good enough, and you need to specialise in majors like finance and accounting or marketing for better chances of getting hired. 

Why is it so? The job market changed significantly in recent years, which made it harder for recent college graduates to find work with almost any type of degree. You face stiff competition from other graduates who may have more experience than you. So, even if you are going for a specialised degree, these competitions are bound to exist. It is necessary to have confidence, relevant skills and experience to outshine in the competitions.

Does that mean you should choose specialised degrees over business administration courses? 

Certainly not. Earning administration degrees or diplomas can lead you to a quicker entry to the corporate world than a specialised degree, and give you a broader way to impact the company that eventually hires you. Early entry is surely a benefit as it helps you gain the required experience. Thus, we can say with certainty that business administration is indeed a good major.

Before you decide to pursue this major, it is essential to understand the benefits and career implications this major will provide.

What are the benefits of studying business administration courses?

Some of the major benefits are:

Market demand

In today’s chaotic economy, business qualification is sought after by many employers and are looked at as a keystone to success. 

Professional growth potential

This qualification allows you to practice and develop corporate skills in a supportive environment, so you are prepared to succeed in the real world, which will then result in professional growth.

Development of practical and technical skills 

It enables both professional and personal development of practical and technical capabilities. Education and honing abilities can significantly impact self-esteem and confidence.

Online learning opportunities

Since it is a vast major, there are many online learning opportunities. Learning accredited business administration courses are highly beneficial on the professional front.

Job versatility

It will provide them with skills useful for a wide variety of career paths from management to public relations.

Which skills are developed while learning?

Business administration courses will help you develop skills that will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Through these diplomas, you can refine your abilities in areas that include:

  • Management
  • Organisational Behavior
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Budgeting

These skills not only allow you to secure a job but also to succeed in it.

Career prospects

business administration course exposes you to a variety of topics, organisational issues, theories, processes and strategies so you can be a well-rounded leader and team player in influencing others and promoting organisational success. This knowledge can help set you apart from other applicants when searching for new career opportunities. 

Some of the various career opportunities are:

  •  Accountant.
  • Advertising executive.
  • Business analyst.
  • Commercial loan officers.
  • Entrepreneur
  • Finance Officer
  • Market research analyst.
  • Public relations specialist.

A nationally recognised qualification such as the NVQ Level 6 equivalent can help you not only get on a career path that fits more of who you are; it can also provide opportunities for greater earning potential.

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Is it right for you?

Suppose you are interested in developing a capability to effectively handle business theory and management principles professionally in your workplace, which is an industry that is growing beyond the national average, providing an above-average salary, with the opportunity for career growth and development. Then the business administration courses can be a great fit for you.

Interested in Learning?

Our range of accredited and internationally recognised business administration courses are ideal for helping you get started. From initial NVQ Level 3 equivalent awards to post-graduation level courses, the School of Business & Technology London are ideally placed to guide you on your way.