QUALIFI Level 4 Diploma in Business Management

The qualification has been intended to provide a foundation in the field of business management sector. They deliver recognition and professionalism to the management sectors too. We offer the students to utilise the opportunity to learn from this program that will offer them with relevant skills and qualities. The level 4 & 5 diploma have a total credit of 120 points each. You are entitle to a value of 240 credits if you have completed the both. This is comparable to a Foundation degree wherein we provide the facility to get admission to the final year at one of our University for acquiring a related Honours degree. The underlying principle of the course is to ensure a career path for learners who wish to build their care capacities within the business sector. The result of the Diploma, which is an accepted UK qualification, is for the aspirants to expertise the skills needed by organisations worldwide. All the programs are designed to provide learning based on concepts and practical insights that are necessary for the companies of present and future. Apart from this, we are looking forward to building up efficient team leaders, managers and leaders through the invention and delivery of learning that are required for industry. This diploma play an outstanding role in the prime development in the areas of commerce. The learners have a deep knowledge and understanding of the industry so that the modern threats are identified and evaluated.

QUALIFI, recognised by Ofqual awarding organisation has assembled a reputation for maintaining significant skills in a wide range of job roles and industries which comprises Leadership, Hospitality & Catering, Health and Social Care, Enterprise and Management, Process Outsourcing and Public Services. They are liable for awarding organisations and thereby ensuring quality assurance in Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • Outstanding tutor support that gives you supportive guidance all through the course accomplishment through SBL Support Desk Portal.
  • Access to our cutting-edge learning management platform where you will be able to access vital learning resources and communicate with support desk team.
  • Quality learning materials such as structured lecture notes, study guides, practical applications which includes real-world examples, and case studies that will enable you to apply your knowledge. Learning materials are provided in one of the three formats, such as PDF, PowerPoint, or Interactive Text Content on the learning portal.
  • Formative assessment feedback will be provided by the tutors to improve the learners’ achievements.
  • Assessment materials are accessible through our online learning platform
  • Supervision for all modules
  • Multiplatform accessibility through online learning platform. This facilitates SBL in providing learners with course materials directly through smartphone, laptop, tablets or desktop offering students’ opportunity to study as per their convenience.
  • Live Classes (for Blended Learning Students only).

Time-constrained scenario-based assignments

No examinations

The qualifications have been made available to all without any artificial barriers that deny the access and progression. The primary requirement is to get through the interview, and they are expected to hold the following.

QUALIFI Level 4 Diploma in Business Management:-

  • Learners who have shown some ability and have possessed qualifications at Level 3, for instance, "A" Levels or vocational awards;
  • Learners who have invested some energy in an authoritative part and proved that have the capacity and drive to create;
  • Learners looking for advance proficient development and pick up business related aptitudes and know-how.

Learners completing the QUALIFI Level 4 Diploma in Business Management will allow progress to:

  • The QUALIFI Level 5 Diploma in Business Management or Business Enterprise, or
  • The second year of undergraduate study in business management; or
  • Directly into employment in an associated profession.

Reference No : BUS 1.5

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

This unit enables learners to develop an understanding of the issues relating to the management of activities with a particular focus on problem-solving. Knowing how different organisations are structured and controlled and the importance of business goals and objectives. The workings and operations of the organisations are examined, and learners are required to develop and deliver operational plans.

Reference No : BUS 1.4

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

This Unit aims to introduce other models and practices of change management. and help learners to develop an understanding of the problems and solution involved in the power of change and those activities that contribute to constructive organisational change. Learners are encouraged to create and use their problem-solving skills.

Reference No : BUS 1.3

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

This Unit is to provide the learner with the necessary knowledge to be able to critically assess the financial systems, processes and procedures in their organisations. Learners will gain an understanding of accounting conventions, appreciate measurement for efficiency, profitability

Reference No : BUS 1.1

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

The Unit is to develop the learner’s awareness of organisational, personal, team and external communications.

Reference No : BUS 1.2

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

The Unit is about the study of leadership approach, present theory and models. Learners will be attaining an appreciation of leadership skills and their priority at all levels in organisations and for particular purposes.

Reference No : BUS 1.6

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

This unit focuses on building, developing and supporting teams to enable them to attain their goals and objectives. Learners will identify the expertise and potential of groups and individuals. Opportunities for teams to develop, gaining new skills and experiences and ways to evaluate and improve their performance are essential to the module too.

Delivery Methods

School of Business London provides various flexible delivery methods to its learners which include blended learning and online learning. Thus, learners can choose the mode of study as per their choice and convenience. The program is self-paced and accomplished through our cutting-edge Learning Management System. Learners can interact with tutors by messaging through the SBL Support Desk Portal System to discuss the course materials, get guidance and assistance and request assessment feedbacks on assignments.

We at SBL offer outstanding support and infrastructure for both online and blended learning. We indeed pursue a smart learning approach where the traditional regular classroom-based learning is replaced by web-based learning and the support level is incredibly high. Learners enrolled at SBL are allocated a dedicated tutor whether it is online or blended learning, who provide learners with comprehensive guidance and support from start to finish of the course.

The significant difference between blended and online learning methods at SBL is the Block Delivery of Online Live Classes. Learners enrolled at SBL on blended learning are offered a block delivery of online live classes which can be booked in advance on their convenience at additional cost.These live classes are relevant to the learners’ program of study and aim to enhance the students’ comprehension of research, methodology and other important study skills. We try to make these live sessions as communicating as possible by providing interactive activities and presentations.

Resources and Support

School of Business London is dedicated to offering excellent support on every step of your learning journey. School of Business London occupies a centralised tutor support desk portal, through which our support team liaise with both tutors and learners to provide guidance, assessment feedback, and any other study support adequately and promptly. Once a learner raises a support request through the support desk portal (Be it for guidance, assessment feedback or any additional assistance), one of the support team members assign the relevant to request to an allocated tutor. As soon as the support receive a response from the allocated tutor, it will be made available to the learner in the portal. The support desk system is in place to assist the learners adequately and to streamline all the support process efficiently.

Quality learning materials made by industry experts is a significant competitive edge of School of Business London. Quality learning materials comprised of structured lecture notes, study guides, practical applications which includes real-world examples, and case studies that will enable you to apply your knowledge. Learning materials are provided in one of the three formats, such as PDF, PowerPoint, or Interactive Text Content on the learning portal.

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