Are you an empathetic person who wants to bring positive changes to others’ lives? Do you have enough patience to deal with people from different backgrounds? If yes, then you have some of the important attributes to be a health coach. Health coaching is a rewarding career which positively impacts your and others lives for better. It is also a growing career path that is said to grow enormously in the coming years.
It’s necessary to know more details on coaching before deciding to pursue it as your career.

What is health coaching?

Health coaching is the process of helping to transform lives by changing behaviours so people can make healthier choices to battle chronic diseases. A health coach performs many duties for improving the overall health and wellness of a client.

Where do health coaches work?

They can work in a wellness centre or work with clients one-on-one over the phone or in a local office, or even via video call, which means that you can see clients all over the world.
Now, coaches are also hired as a part of the physician’s team to help patients achieve their fitness goals. The one-on-one care a Coach provides is what the medical field has been missing. Physicians can help more people without burning out, and patients see better results with the focus they receive from a coach regarding their habits. Being a coach provides you with the choice to select what kind of workplace you need. All that matters is your passion and the drive to succeed, and your workplace is what you make it!

What does it take to become a health coach?

A health coach requires a unique skill set as well as specific tools and techniques to help others achieve optimum health. Some of those skills are: being a good listener, a great communicator, an empathetic person, and ability to ask powerful questions. Health coaches also rely on different techniques and approaches, including positive psychology, motivational interviewing, recognising the stages of change, supportive goal setting etc.

How to be a health coach?

To be one, it isn’t necessary to have a college degree. Anyone with passion and the right education can qualify to become a coach with or without a college degree. All that matters is the right qualification, such as NVQ level 4 in coaching. This program is intended to foster both academic and professional development so that learners can move forward to realise not only their potential but also that of organisations across a wide spectrum of industries. It is also essential to build fair experience in this field for better job opportunities or to start your own business. Getting an additional certification is a cherry on the cake.

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