How to Become a Customer Service Manager?

Customer service managers are in charge of a team of customer service representatives. They also interview and hire their team, set rules and expectations, follow company guidelines for dealing with customers and resolve problems between colleagues or clients as they arise.

What are the skills required?

The essential skills are:


A strong communicator must listen effectively to find the root cause of problems and communicate clearly and in a friendly manner to solve the issue and keep the customer satisfied. Managers also need to convey information to employees.


They are required to motivate the team, work with them to make sure they abide by all company policies and procedures.


They must be able to shape and direct the operations of an organisation by managing staffs, business plans and implement strategies.


Patience is the crucial skill required for a customer service manager. When communicating with clients, colleagues or executives, they must listen carefully and respond politely in case of clients.


They need to identify the underlying cause of client issues and solve them efficiently. They need to understand issues, consider potential options, compare risks and present solutions that satisfy everyone involved.

Get the right qualifications

Certifications or diplomas in management and leadership and coaching and mentoring would be advantageous for a customer service manager. CMI provides suitable programs for polishing your skills and for career recognition. CMI level-7 strategic management and leadership program is suitable as it emphasises on developing the necessary leadership and management qualities. Undergoing CMI level-7 coaching and mentoring courses assists at managing people and processes all the while displaying excellent vital business skills.

Want to learn?

Learn a variety of skills in business management to become a customer service manager. To acquire the knowledge and skills in business management, and to expertise in customer service, send an email to or dial +44 20 3637 8765, don’t hesitate to contact us.