Management is art or science. The primary duties of a manager are to deal with the administration of the organisation, non-profit organisation or government bodies. Administration includes arranging all the activities in an organisation and coordinating effects of its employees to fulfil companies objectives by using available resources such as natural, financial, human resource and technological.

As per the opinion of Henri Fayol, manage is to plan, forecast, implement, organise and command. Management included as one of the factor of production along with money, meshing, material. Proper management is the backbone of every business. However, most of the management thinker agrees that some form of formal academics management background helps managers properly managing the organisation. Many people quickly think that being a right leader menace you are a good manager and vice versa.

What are the critical characteristics of management!

They are focused diplomatically on the aspect of the organisations’ strategies and their executing in the specific area with their responsibilities. There are also formulating and implementing policies, and procedures even take the risk factors of the organisation.


Leaders set a vision, and broad plan and managers are executing it. Leaders are arranging tunes of the organisations the general objectives, and long-term goals come from the leader, and managers are trying to implement it in real.

What are the essential characteristics of leadership?

They are focusing on the company’s goals and strategic direction, and leaders are establishing principles of the organisations. They also help or empowering managers to fulfil organisations goals.

Which is more important?

In business, the Manager and Leader are most commonly using words. In organisation or business need both management and leadership if they are going to succeed. With proper management and poor direction, they will be able to execute everything very well, but it will complete with or without following overall strategies of the organisation. With guidance and poor management, the company will have the goal and enthusiasm to succeed.

Management and Leadership Courses 

This course helps improve leadership and management skills, and that is transforming the company in the right to excellent and also introduces you to enhance your skills and technique that allows in looking a problem in different ways. This improves self-confidence to deal with the unexpected challenge. The leadership and management courses help develop and encourage your skills and knowledge. Nowadays there are many courses available in the UK. The CMI Level 6  course designed to provide both employer and employee with the encouraging information they need to understand the aspects, behaviour of a great leader. This course is suitable for anyone who likes to improve and develop leadership and management skills.

Some of the courses made for managers operating strategic level in the workplace. A CMI Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership course will provide senior managers with the opportunities to develop their vital management skills and apply these procedures and practices to managing at a strategic level in the workplace.