The vastness and possibility of leadership often vary with the area of implementation and particularities of the industry, institution or effort under consideration. The leadership suggests the ability of individuals or group of individuals to drive the strategic procedures and systems through demanding and atrocious scenarios to sustain competency and operational proficiency. The historical examples of leaders and leadership qualities are evident in the personalities of individuals such as Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, Elon Musk, Sergio Marchionne and Steve Jobs. Moreover, the theoretical implications of leadership and the underlying peculiarities are profound in the works of Niccolò Machiavelli, Sun Tzu or even Chanakya who defined traits of leadership in the aspects of warfare, politics and monarchy.

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The leadership abilities are often honed by the whetting stone called academia, which focuses on the development of skills, knowledge and experience to cope with the demands of the operating environments. Leadership and Management  Courses are offered in varying levels such as level 3 Qualification in first line managementCMI level 3 management DiplomaCMI level 5 Management and leadership and even CMI level 7 Qualification in numerous associated disciplines such as management, leadership or even finance. The inquiries pertaining to leadership courses could be directed to to gain reliable information about various courses in management and leadership.