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Our Privacy Mission Statement:

"At School of Business London, the trust and confidence placed by customers, suppliers and colleagues are very important to us. Maintaining data security and confidentiality is our top priority and we try our best to be as clear as possible about what and why we do with the personal data provided by our customers, suppliers and colleagues. "

Our Privacy Statement for SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LONDON’ websites

At School of Business London, we give utmost importance to your privacy, and we understand that it matters a lot to you. We try to provide clarity as required about our processes and the reasons behind what we are doing. We are also committed to maintaining online privacy of all our users. This Privacy Policy regulates the use by SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LONDON and the information that you provide us while using SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LONDON’ websites. This SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LONDON’ website is run by the SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LONDON and its partners ("we", "us", "our")

This SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LONDON’ website is run by the SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LONDON and its partners ("we", "us", "our")

Information We Collect

Before you can place any order with us, we have to collect some information from you. We use this contact details to help you in the manner that is set out in this privacy policy. You are allowed to make amendments to your registration details easily through the account facilities on our website or by contacting our Data Protection Officer at the below-mentioned address

Username and password

Username and Password are collected from you to keep your information safe and to let you have you the information each time you visit us.

Name, address and postcode

- without this we won't know where to send your order or to whom. We also use postcodes to quickly get your full address to save you typing it out, and in some cases to identify whether we deliver or offer services in your area.

Age / date of birth

-We would have to collect your age or date of birth so that we can sell you products such as insurance, financial services products or alcohol, and this will also be used to send you birthday related offers if you agree with us.

Email address

- This is to enable us to send you confirmation email.

Telephone numbers

- We use your telephone numbers to get in touch with you quickly if there occur any issues with your order or if we need to double check anything with you.

Payment card number, expiry date, issue no and name of card holder

– We require these details when you purchase a product or service from us so that we can collect payment from you.

Where you heard about us

-We use this information to make improvements to our marketing strategy.


-We store your contact details to keep a record of your correspondence with us.

Sensitive personal data

- We may be required to collect sensitive personal data such as information related to health, race or ethnic origin or religion for certain products and services. By letting us collect personal data which is sensitive, you are giving us consent to provide you with products and services in a way that is set out in this policy.

Third party information

-If you provide information about others to us, you confirm that you have identified SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LONDON to them and have told them regarding the use of these details, as set out in this Privacy Policy and that they have given us consent to use the information in the manner in which it has been described.

IP addresses

- Every time you log on our site, we will automatically obtain your IP address.

How We Use The Information We Collect

The main uses of the information that we collect from you are as mentioned above. In general, it is used to process your orders and to help us identify your needs more clearly so that we can improve the services that we offer. Your account may also be used to retain information regarding the purchases you have made previously, your personal preferences and shopping lists. But you should also be clear about the uses mentioned below.


-Third parties carefully chosen by us may use your contact information to notify you, by letter, phone, SMS, push notification or equivalent, or email, about offers, products and services that we think may be beneficial to you and we may inform you about products and services of other organisations as well. You will be informed about this when we collect your contact information and please do inform us if you do not wish such communications. In case of a change of mind, you can inform us by changing your account settings or by contacting our Data Protection Officer. You can also unsubscribe at any time from our communications by following the instructions that are included with any such communication.

Customer care and correspondence

- As per our customer care procedures, we may follow-up customers who have purchased goods or services from us, those who have any complaints about SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LONDON and those who have posted comments about us on the internet by letter, phone, SMS or email.

Market research

We may also use your information to get in touch with you as a part of our market research by letter, phone, SMS or email.

Website improvement

- To help us improve your experience with us, we may collect information concerning the way you use our website. Our website collects information about every visitor’s IP address, time spent on the website and the order in which our pages are visited. We may also seek help from third-party experts to help us collect this information. However, we will make sure that any third party that we employ will treat all information with the same sensitivity as us. This is elaborated in the cookies section given below.

Fraud Prevention

- To safeguard our customers and us from any fraud and theft, we may perform identity check on the information that we collect and other information in our customer records such as the way in which you conduct your account. We may also pass on this information to other companies, retailers, other financial and law enforcement agencies involved in fraud prevention and detection. When you apply for our products or services, you will also be asked to go through a more detailed credit check.


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