The health and social care is a booming service and business discipline, especially when lifestyle diseases are prominent. The growth in technology has sufficed option for accurate diagnosis of the diseases and in predicting complications like cancer, osteoporosis, etc. amongst people. Individuals with an inclination towards philanthropy could opt for numerous academic ventures pertaining to health care to garner credibility and technical knowledge. Diploma in Health and Social Care is a feasible option for individuals looking for academic back up and job options in healthcare. Level 3, 4 and 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care will be adequate to meet the particular needs of individuals. The varying levels of academia will be vital for choosing the appropriate certification based on the time constraints, budget and the specific area of interest. The Health and Social Care  is highly promising in cities like London, Edinburgh, Southampton, Cambridge and Bristol which assures excellent career options.

The UK offers free or discounted health care through National Health Services, which is hailed as one of the best healthcare systems around the globe. However, the service availability through NHS has gained criticism for delayed service availability in non-emergency scenarios. However, the abundance of private hospitals facilitates options for superior and quality healthcare. Despite being expensive, the Harley Street in London is honoured for hosting a plethora of specialized healthcare provisions. These expensive healthcare options provide elaborate coverage even on overseas travel and are devoid of the long waiting list prevalent while availing NHS services. The growth of private hospitals and healthcare providers enhanced the opportunities for learners to gain promising career options after acquiring academic qualifications. The life expectancy in the UK has surpassed the prevailing standards in Germany and the US who boast of possessing top-notch and premium healthcare services. Moreover, individuals with a passion for social and community service will be highly benefited by healthcare diploma programs as it opens the doors to garner expertise and proficiency in this auspicious discipline.