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Level 5 Diploma in Information Technology

The Level 5 Diploma in Information Technology is awarded by IBT Qualifications.Today Information Technology (IT) is changing at an extremely rapid rate and there is a need to develop the IT experts of tomorrow, who will be able to fill the interesting, demanding and highly-paid specialist posts that will be available within a broad spectrum of organisations. The IBT Qualification Level-5 Diploma in Information Technology provide learners a balance of academic and vocational subjects in order to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to play a significant role in IT organisations. The programme gives better detail and more advanced topics in IT including database development, information systems analysis, and network security. With this qualification learners will gain the adequate knowledge, understanding and skills for students wanting to enter a career as an IT practitioner or technician in the area of business systems, user support, networking and software development and may provide progression to higher education vocational qualifications.

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