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QUALIFI- Level 4 Certificate in Health and Social Care

The Health and Social care sectors offer a wide range of roles that provide services to the field of the healthcare industry. The qualification offers the health and social care workers of today and future to bring appreciation and proficiency to the health and social division. We provide the aspirants to take this opportunity to gain knowledge from these programmes that deliver relevant skills and qualities. It has been noticed that these programmes will support for their career and academic development and would reflect in releasing their potential. The method of study adopted in the programme is to grant career path for learners who wish to enhance their management and care capabilities within the health and social care division. The result of the certificate and diplomas are recognised by UK qualifications and is important for the students to imbibe the skills accepted by the organisations internationally. The qualifications ensure a dedicated work- related programme of study that delivers in- depth knowledge and awareness, together with practical skills necessary for the proper functioning of health and social care division. It is also comprised of optional units that provide specialist development and growth. The qualification will guide the professional staff and managers of the future in the health and social care sector. The qualifications deliver a standard core of mandatory units that find application in all health and social care sectors and enable the students to specialise in the optional units. The qualification is equally applicable for full- time learners who are engaged in formal or part-time work and for part-time students in the workplace. The eligibility criteria for choosing their career in this sector is through the achievement of awards or following advanced study to degree level.

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