How can you know if an online MBA top up will be a helpful career move for you? Here we offer some advice to help you make the right call.

Take a look at the long goal

The best move to decide whether an advanced degree would be right for you is to start at the end, then trace a path backwards. Look at any existing research about getting to where you want to be in your career, and see if an advanced degree would be necessary to get there. Alternatively, think about whether you want to study further for your own enjoyment and development. Both are good reasons but think of the financial, emotional and physical expenses that are involved. Try asking yourself the following questions:

Do the people in my desired role have advanced degrees?

What types of degrees do they have?

Where did they study?

Will my company pay the tuition fees?

What would be the best major for me to ascertain?

It may be helpful to talk to a career specialist or ask people in your desired profession, for valuable advice.