The growth of technology has unimaginably metamorphosised human lives, as the organisations are embracing cyber technology as a key element that adds up to their functionality and operational proficiency.The increased dependency on the cyberspace put forth challenges in safeguarding the intellectual properties and personal information amidst the impending threats associated with malware, virus attacks, infiltrations and corporate espionage. The defence is the best solution when cyber-crimes are put into perspective, especially when the informational interchange influences the lives and wellbeing of a large number of human beings and even large-scale business organisations. Passionate individuals with an analytical intuition and cryptographic mind-set find a plethora of opportunities to spread their wings across the cyberspace.  Cyber Security is a highly revered discipline as the talented individuals could earn monetary benefits and reputation if they can keep up with the demands of the trade. Diploma in Cyber Security in the UK  is one of the best options for individuals pursuing a career by utilising the potentials of cyberspace. This is mainly due to the plethora of opportunities from booming technology sector in the country. Moreover, the growth of academic institutions offering Cyber Security course in the UK  is often analogous to the growth of Information technology in major cities like London. Level-2 Diploma in Cyber Security Management & Operations will be a starting point for garnering a basic theoretical knowledge and academic support in this revered discipline. The individual passion often surpasses the academic qualification as the knowledge of core elements like code breaking and ethical hacking enables talented individuals to gain new heights in the demanding cyber world of unending opportunities.

The vastness of the cyberspace is its bane and boon. The global reach enabled by the internet technology makes organisations vulnerable to threats from across the globe. An effective cyber defence could be achieved by having a precise understanding of the security risks prevalent in the specific organization and its key business operations. The security strategy must be collective efforts across personal, technical, informational and governance aspects. Moreover, the business developers must consider the possibility of highbinders amidst the prevailing employment. Furthermore, the acknowledgement that even top-notch military system is vulnerable to cyber-attacks implies a need for resilience in technical and functional perspective to assure effective cyber defence when business developments are put into perspective.