How is online education in the UK breaking down barriers to learning?

With the advent of online learning, the educational landscape around the world has changed significantly. This form of education has challenged traditional school systems by offering innovative programmes with broader curriculums and different learning styles. Online education in the UK is breaking down the barriers of space and time and forging a new way of learning by offering a more accessible, engaging and creative alternative - 'online certification courses.'

Here's why online certification courses are so popular with students in the UK


  • Flexibility and accessibility: Online learning in the UK removes the barrier of distance and allows students to attend classes at their own pace and from any location, allowing them to balance their education with other life commitments
  • Personalised education: Online learning platforms provide personalised instruction that caters to individual strengths and weaknesses and uses interactive tools to enhance the overall learning experience.
  • Integrates technology into education: Online learning integrates technology for a seamless educational experience and prepares them for future careers in the digital age.
  • Diverse learning methods: Online courses offer different learning styles that focus on students' individual needs, increasing learning effectiveness.
  • Diverse content formats: Online learning platforms offer interactive content and diverse materials for different learning preferences, making lessons more engaging and effective.
  • Collaborative approach to education: Online education reinforces learning in which teachers and learners work together as a team to achieve common educational goals.
  • Less pressure: Compared to traditional schools, homeschoolers have less anxiety and social stress as they can learn when they want to
  • Higher success rates: Studies show that students who enrol in online certification courses often achieve the same or better academic results than their peers in traditional schools.

What learning management systems are used today?

Learning management systems are software systems used by educational institutions, corporate training departments, and other organisations to deliver online and blended learning programs efficiently. They have a user-friendly interface that allows learners to access the material on the go. In most cases, learners can access these systems if they have paid for the course, while free online courses have open-source (free) portals that anyone can access.

Some of the most popular LMSs are:

Moodle: an open-source LMS used in educational institutions for course management, content delivery and learner engagement.

Canvas: This cloud-based LMS is very popular in higher education and the UK K-12 environment

Blackboard: a comprehensive LMS used by universities and colleges that offers a range of tools for course management, virtual classrooms and learner engagement.

Online learning delivery methods         

1. One-to-one learning: Direct interaction with tutors to solve problems face-to-face.

2. Blended learning: Integrates online and face-to-face teaching to enhance the learning experience and promote hands-on learning.

3. Video-based learning: A learning format that uses videos combining speech, graphics and animation to explain concepts. It is best suited for students who want to learn at their own pace and in their own place. Example: YouTube

4. Group learning: Virtual classrooms, such as online colleges, that use instructors, pre-recorded videos, lectures, and an LMS for posting grades, moderating discussions, and tracking assignments.

Eliminate your learning barriers with online course providers in the UK.

These days, distance, time, and cost are no longer barriers to achieving your dreams. You can complete an internationally recognised online certification course while sitting at home, working, or doing nothing. Online learning in the UK offers a compelling alternative to traditional schooling. If you can't move to the UK, the UK can come to you—as an online course provider in the UK. 

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