How can leadership be redefined with a CMI Level 7 MBA?

The corporate landscape is constantly evolving. Traditional leadership approaches are being supplemented by innovative strategies to address changing workplace dynamics and global challenges. As we move into 2024 and beyond, we need technology-enabled leadership practices to stay ahead of the curve and thrive.

Leaders need to hone their skills with an appropriate course to maintain a competitive edge. This way, organisations can ensure that their leaders are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern business world.

What are the latest innovations in leadership approaches?

A recent report published by McKinsey highlights that traditional leadership styles and strategies may no longer be sufficient to manage the complexity of the modern age. We need new leadership approaches that are dynamic, inclusive, adaptive and address organisations on a broader level.

So, let’s look at some modern leadership styles that will transform the modern workplace.

  • Leadership that inspires and motivates individuals to promote innovation and excellence
  • Leadership that focuses on empathy, selflessness, humility, vision and empowerment to effectively lead and empower teams.
  • Leadership that embraces change, innovation and continuous learning
  • Leadership that values diversity and innovation.
  • Leadership that demonstrates integrity and commitment to ethical practices.
  • Leadership that grows through open communication and shared knowledge.
  • Leadership that uses modern technologies to drive innovation and improve the customer experience

Redefine your leadership through a CMI Certification!

Why CMI Certification?

CMI is the only professional awarding organisation that offers the highest level of excellence in management and leadership. CMI enables continuous professional development and ensures that you keep up to date with industry best practise and advances in leadership and management. The CMI UK is globally recognised, so you can stand out in the highly competitive job market and even have opportunities for promotion to better positions.

Get the highest management accolade- the Chartered Manager status with CMI Leadership and enhance your credibility and career opportunities.

Find an MBA Certification with CMI UK

CMI Level 7 MBA is designed for those who have completed their CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership and wish to undertake an MBA at Anglia Ruskin University. The programme includes a bridge module (Strategic Leadership and Organisational Transformation) offered at the School of Business and Technology London. The MBA Top Up is delivered online via Canvas, an online learning management system. The CMI Level 7 MBA lasts 12- 15 months and is offered in partnership with Chestnut Education Group.

Study CMI Leadership at SBTL

The School of Business and Technology London offers learners a fantastic opportunity to accelerate their education and develop into a skilled and adaptable leader. Not only that, but it also provides excellent tutoring and support, diverse course options, flexible and accessible learning through online and blended modes, and industry-relevant learning that can be applied directly in the workplace, which can ultimately lead to exciting career prospects.

Visit SBTL’s website for the CMI Leadership programme that prepares you to excel in dynamic business environments.