English Language Requirements

At the School of Business and Technology London, learners must have appropriate English language skills to enrol successfully in one of our qualifications. The English Language competency required for each qualification will depend on the English Language Requirement published by the awarding body. However, it is up to the School of Business and Technology London to determine the necessary evidence to prove individual learner proficiency.

We ensure that learners who are non-native English speakers and have not studied specific English core component/subject in the final two years of schooling can demonstrate proficiency in English at a standard. To ascertain whether a learner satisfies the English language competency required by the awarding body, we may assess various factors, including but not limited to alternative English Language qualifications or tests, work experience that requires considerable English language skills, other previous qualifications, etc.

English Language Test conducted by SBTL.

At SBTL, we adopt our English language test where required. With our internal language test, we ascertain whether a learner satisfies the English language requirement required for the qualification that the learner wishes to enrol in.

Work Experience Consideration

We will consider learners' relevant prior work experience that required substantial English language efficiency in the workplace to satisfy our English language requirement. We may conduct a virtual interview with learners to thoroughly assess and comprehend job responsibilities undertaken by learners at the workplace so that we can ascertain whether the learner has the required English language skills to undertake the job responsibilities.

Alternative English Language Test Equivalents

The alternative English language test equivalents are published below. We will verify learners' English Language Competency using the information provided below.

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