QUALIFI Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management


The QUALIFI Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management is aimed at addressing the demands of senior/middle managers and accountants in the running of their businesses and encourages them in progression to higher levels within their organisation. The role to be played by managers is very crucial for instance, they need to be aware of the issues, the ability for analysing their potential results and decide how to react. It is not mandatory that they need to be expert in all sectors of business. The prime requirement is that they need to have a general awareness of the facilities and services existing and finding a way how they can carry out the roles. The program incorporates current topics with advanced content, which reflects core issues within the 21st-century business sector as well as the latest developments in management research. The Diploma is credited at the postgraduate Level 7 with a total of 120 credits. We provide access to dissertation at one of our University partners for a related Master Degree after the completion of the Diploma.

This qualification will benefit the learner:

  • To understand and apply the principles of human resource management in a business environment.
  • Analyse problem-solving techniques specific to business and industry
  • Resourcing talent management and development
  • Investigating a Business Issue from an HR Perspective
  • Analysing and understanding performance management and employee relation
  • Are you passionate in developing a career as human resource manager in a reputed organisation and acquiring knowledge and skill? Then, QUALIFI Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management is the ideal starting point for your career journey.
  • We will ensure your access to the first-class education needed to achieve your goals and dreams and to maximise future opportunities.
  • Remember! The assessment for the qualification is done based on assignments only, and you do not need to worry about writing any exam.
  • With the School of Business and Technology London, you can complete the qualification at your own pace choosing online or blended learning from the comfort of your home. 
  • Learning and pathway materials and study guides developed by our Qualifi-approved tutors will be available around the clock in our cutting-edge learning management system. 
  • Most importantly, at the School of Business and Technology London, we will provide you with comprehensive tutor support through our dedicated support desk. 
  • If you choose your course with blended learning, you will also enjoy live sessions with an assigned tutor, which you can book at your convenience.

The Qualifi Level 7 Level Diploma in Human Resource Management can open many career pathways including, but not limited to:

  • Human Resources Manager; with an estimated average salary of £46,240 per annum
  • Employee Relation Manager; with an estimated average salary of per £40,512 per annum
  • Benefit Analyst /Manager; with an estimated average salary of per £35,100 per annum
  • HR Information Systems Manager; with an estimated average salary of £31,000per annum
  • Labour Relations Manager; with an estimated average salary of £26,700 per annum

QUALIFI, recognised by Ofqual awarding organisation has assembled a reputation for maintaining significant skills in a wide range of job roles and industries which comprises Leadership, Hospitality & Catering, Health and Social Care, Enterprise and Management, Process Outsourcing and Public Services. They are liable for awarding organisations and thereby ensuring quality assurance in Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • Outstanding tutor support that gives you supportive guidance all through the course accomplishment through SBTL Support Desk Portal.
  • Access to our cutting-edge learning management platform where you will be able to access vital learning resources and communicate with support desk team.
  • Quality learning materials such as structured lecture notes, study guides, practical applications which includes real-world examples, and case studies that will enable you to apply your knowledge. Learning materials are provided in one of the three formats, such as PDF, PowerPoint, or Interactive Text Content on the learning portal.
  • Formative assessment feedback will be provided by the tutors to improve the learners’ achievements.
  • Assessment materials are accessible through our online learning platform.
  • Supervision for all modules.
  • Multiplatform accessibility through online learning platform. This facilitates SBTL in providing learners with course materials directly through smartphone, laptop, tablets or desktop offering students’ opportunity to study as per their convenience.
  • Live Classes (for Blended Learning Students only).
  • Time-constrained scenario-based assignments
  • No examinations

The qualifications have been made available to all without any artificial barriers that deny the access and progression. The primary requirement is to get through the interview and they are expected to hold the following:

  • Level 6 Qualification or; First Degree.

We also accommodate managers with significant years of experience even though they do not possess formal qualifications. The criteria for admission will be through an interview for those who are able to demonstrate the skills to cope with the demands of the course.

Learners completing the QUALIFI Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management will allow progress to:

  • The QUALIFI Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, or
  • A university partner to complete a dissertation to then receive a full master’s degree or
  • Directly into employment in an associated profession.

University exemptions: With QUALIFI the learners can progress to a number of Universities to pursue a Master’s degree once they have completed a dissertation. The pathway is an indication of the learner’s progress towards a University degree and is based on the University’s review of QUALIFI's learning programs and outcomes. Further information is available here http://www.QUALIFI.net/learning-pathways/

This suite of qualification provides enormous opportunities to learners who are looking for a career and professional development.

The highlighting factor of this qualification is that:

  • The learners attain career path support who wishes to pursue their career in their denominated sectors;
  • It helps in providing a deep understanding of the health and social care sector, and to manage the organisations; which will in-turn help in enhancing the learner’s insight to their chosen sector.

The Qualification provides a real combination of disciplines and skills development opportunities. The Learners attains in-depth awareness concerning the functioning, aims and processes of the organisation. They can also explore the way to respond positively to this challenging and complex health and social care environment. The learners will be introduced in managing the wide range of health and social care functions using theory, practice sessions and models that provide the valuable knowledge. As a part of this suite of qualifications, the learners will be able to explore and attain hands-on training and experience in this field. Learners also attain the ability to face and solve issues then and there by the exposure to all the Units. The qualification will also help to

  • Apply scientific and evaluative methods and to develop those skills.
  • Find out threats and opportunities.
  • Develop knowledge in managerial, organisational and environmental issues.
  • Develop and empower critical thinking and innovativeness to handle issues and difficulties.
  • Practice judgement, own and take responsibility for decisions and actions.
  • Develop the capacity to perceive and reflect on individual learning and improving their own, social and other transferable aptitudes and skills.

Learners must request before enrolment to interchange unit(s) other than the preselected units shown in the SBTL website because we need to make sure the availability of learning materials for the requested unit(s). SBTL will reject an application if the learning materials for the requested interchange unit(s) are unavailable.

Learners are not allowed to make any request to interchange unit(s) once enrolment is complete.

Reference No : HRM701

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

This unit will help the learner to understand and analyse the impact of internal and external environmental forces on organisational strategy and management of people.

Reference No : HRM702

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

In the unit, Students will understand to evaluate the viability of organisational methodologies, measures in proficient and compelling initiative and the board, likewise the commitment of HRM/HRD experts to hierarchical change.

Reference No : HRM703

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

"The reason for this unit is to create skill in comprehension and examining work markets also, segment patterns to make and execute powerful, moral and suitable resourcing,maintenance, ability the board and improvement methodologies. . Learners will assess the role of HRM professionals in designing, implementing and evaluating strategic planning relevant to employee resourcing, talent management and development"

Reference No : HRM704

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

To empower students to comprehend the principle components that impact the exhibition of workers at all levels inside an organisation and the manners by which such components can be overseen in a valuable way. Further to give students comprehension to devise and actualize suitable HR practices and techniques that identify with Performance Management.

Reference No : HRM705

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

The point of this unit is to acquaint students with the significance of good representative relations for business achievement and the effect of changes which have influenced work connections. Abilities needed by HRM experts in planning, actualising and assessing business relations techniques, plans, approaches, will be examined. Additionally to build up the capacity to make solutions for current/potential clash circumstances in consistence to legitimate and ethical considerations.

Reference No : HRM706

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

To build up student's abilities and information on free exploration, analyse and make suggestions for change or upgrades that are reasonable, applicable and useful to explicit association. To empower students to introduce a powerful business report and additionally a contemplated and consistent case for changes in arrangements, practices and methodologies reflecting scholastic exploration and composing aptitudes

Delivery Methods

School of Business & Technology London provides various flexible delivery methods to its learners, including online learning and blended learning. Thus, learners can choose the mode of study as per their choice and convenience. The program is self-paced and accomplished through our cutting-edge Learning Management System. Learners can interact with tutors by messaging through the SBTL Support Desk Portal System to discuss the course materials, get guidance and assistance and request assessment feedbacks on assignments.

We at SBTL offer outstanding support and infrastructure for both online and blended learning. We indeed pursue an innovative learning approach where traditional regular classroom-based learning is replaced by web-based learning and incredibly high support level. Learners enrolled at SBTL are allocated a dedicated tutor, whether online or blended learning, who provide learners with comprehensive guidance and support from start to finish.

The significant difference between blended learning and online learning methods at SBTL is the Block Delivery of Online Live Sessions. Learners enrolled at SBTL on blended learning are offered a block delivery of online live sessions, which can be booked in advance on their convenience at additional cost. These live sessions are relevant to the learners' program of study and aim to enhance the student's comprehension of research, methodology and other essential study skills. We try to make these live sessions as communicating as possible by providing interactive activities and presentations.

Resources and Support

School of Business & Technology London is dedicated to offering excellent support on every step of your learning journey. School of Business & Technology London occupies a centralised tutor support desk portal. Our support team liaises with both tutors and learners to provide guidance, assessment feedback, and any other study support adequately and promptly. Once a learner raises a support request through the support desk portal (Be it for guidance, assessment feedback or any additional assistance), one of the support team members assign the relevant to request to an allocated tutor. As soon as the support receives a response from the allocated tutor, it will be made available to the learner in the portal. The support desk system is in place to assist the learners adequately and streamline all the support processes efficiently.

Quality learning materials made by industry experts is a significant competitive edge of the School of Business & Technology London. Quality learning materials comprised of structured lecture notes, study guides, practical applications which includes real-world examples, and case studies that will enable you to apply your knowledge. Learning materials are provided in one of the three formats, such as PDF, PowerPoint, or Interactive Text Content on the learning portal.

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