MA in Education Management and Leadership

MA in Education Management and Leadership qualification builds learners understanding of the policy, management theory, and education practice. It is an opportunity for learners to engage with the challenges faced by professionals and policymakers in their own country. It will provide knowledge that builds the ability to work as an effective manager in the education sector. It combines theoretical and practical knowledge in the education profession and will develop and enhance knowledge and skills in leading change, effective performance, and team leadership. Learners will be able to work in a variety of roles within education administration and management.

The program comprises two phases; the first phase is the Level 7 Diploma in Education Management and Leadership awarded by OTHM, an Ofqual regulated awarding body. The second phase is the MA in Education Management and Leadership Top-Up.

 Students who have completed OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Education Management and Leadership will only be eligible for the MA in Education Management and Leadership Top-Up awarded by University Of Chichester.

The University of Chichester is a Public University located in West Sussex, England offering Graduate and Post Graduate Degrees. All the master and top up programs are delivered by London Graduate School and validated by the University of Chichester.

  • Time-constrained scenario-based assignments
  • No examinations

Learner requires a relevant Level 7 diploma (120 credits) qualification from an Ofqual regulated awarding body.

The learner must also have a minimum of 2 year’s work experience at the graduate level, in either a managerial or professional capacity which may include voluntary work, placements, internships, project management etc.

Learners must request before enrolment to interchange unit(s) other than the preselected units shown in the SBL website because we need to make sure the availability of learning materials for the requested unit(s). SBL will reject an application if the learning materials for the requested interchange unit(s) are unavailable.

Learners are not allowed to make any request to interchange unit(s) once enrolment is complete.

The program comprised of two phases; 

1st Phase 

Level 7 Diploma in Education Management and Leadership

(Awarded by OTHM, an regulated awarding body).

  • Unit 1 Contemporary Issues in Education: Theory, Policy and Practice
  • Unit 2 The Management of Educational Change
  • Unit 3 Managing Effective Intercultural Communication and Perspectives
  • Unit 4 Pedagogy and Practice in Education
  • Unit 5 Leading Reflective Practice in Education
  • Unit 6 Research Methods in Education


2nd Phase

MA in Education Management and Leadership Top-Up

(Awarded by University of Chichester)

  • Consultancy Project Report 

Delivery Methods

School of Business London provides various flexible delivery methods to its learners, including online learning and blended learning. Thus, learners can choose the mode of study as per their choice and convenience. The program is self-paced and accomplished through our cutting-edge Learning Management System. Learners can interact with tutors by messaging through the SBL Support Desk Portal System to discuss the course materials, get guidance and assistance and request assessment feedbacks on assignments.

We at SBL offer outstanding support and infrastructure for both online and blended learning. We indeed pursue an innovative learning approach where traditional regular classroom-based learning is replaced by web-based learning and incredibly high support level. Learners enrolled at SBL are allocated a dedicated tutor, whether online or blended learning, who provide learners with comprehensive guidance and support from start to finish.

The significant difference between online learning with live classes and online learning methods at SBL is the Block Delivery of Online Live Classes. Learners enrolled at SBL on blended learning are offered a block delivery of online live classes, which can be booked in advance on their convenience at additional cost. These live classes are relevant to the learners' program of study and aim to enhance the student's comprehension of research, methodology and other essential study skills. We try to make these live sessions as communicating as possible by providing interactive activities and presentations.

Resources and Support

School of Business London is dedicated to offering excellent support on every step of your learning journey. School of Business London occupies a centralised tutor support desk portal. Our support team liaises with both tutors and learners to provide guidance, assessment feedback, and any other study support adequately and promptly. Once a learner raises a support request through the support desk portal (Be it for guidance, assessment feedback or any additional assistance), one of the support team members assign the relevant to request to an allocated tutor. As soon as the support receives a response from the allocated tutor, it will be made available to the learner in the portal. The support desk system is in place to assist the learners adequately and streamline all the support processes efficiently.

Quality learning materials made by industry experts is a significant competitive edge of the School of Business London. Quality learning materials comprised of structured lecture notes, study guides, practical applications which includes real-world examples, and case studies that will enable you to apply your knowledge. Learning materials are provided in one of the three formats, such as PDF, PowerPoint, or Interactive Text Content on the learning portal.

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