Conflict Resolution Series

Conflict is an integral part of all human interactions, and managing conflict is a vital skill for leaders and individuals alike. In this creative series, learners will learn the essential skills and techniques to investigate and address patterns that have led to conflict. Discover the art of navigating conflicts and transforming them into opportunities for growth, innovation, and stronger relationships.

  • Holistic Professional Development: The series of programs in the CMI Bitesize course provides a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to enhancing your professional skills and knowledge.
  • Versatile Learning Formats: Engage with practical tools, case studies, checklists, videos and real-world insights, ensuring a dynamic and interactive learning experience.
  • Aligned with CMI Professional Standards: The program adheres to the rigorous CMI Professional Standards, guaranteeing high-quality content that meets industry benchmarks.
  • Career-Focused Skills: Gain the specific skills and knowledge required to excel in your current role, drive career progression and contribute effectively to your organisation’s success.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Earn a CMI Certificate of Achievement for each completed program, providing tangible evidence of your commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Learn at your own pace and convenience, with the ability to access the courses on any device, anytime and anywhere.
  • Recognised Credentials: Pursue Foundation Chartered Manager Status upon completing three CMI Bitesize topics, setting you towards Chartered Manager Status.
  • Practical Application: Apply the acquired knowledge and skills directly to real-world scenarios, enabling you to make a meaningful impact in your workplace.
  • Organisational Relevance: The program is designed to address key skills and challenges organisations face, ensuring that the learning outcomes align with the needs of the modern workforce.
  • Customisable Learning Experience: Tailor the program to your specific needs and learning objectives, allowing for a personalised and targeted approach to professional development.
  • Comprehensive Program Series: Cover many essential topics, including managing change, equality, diversity and inclusion, leading in a digital age, conflict resolution, managing projects, data-driven decision making and navigating Brexit-related changes and risks.
  • Expert Guidance and Support: Benefit from the expertise of industry professionals and subject matter experts who have curated and designed the programs to deliver maximum value and practical relevance.
  • Lifelong Learning Journey: The program serves as a foundation for further educational opportunities, such as the opportunity to pursue a top-up qualification to Level 5 in Management and Leadership. You will need to complete a relevant final assignment to progress to the same.
  • Understand the different types and causes of conflict within organisations and learn how to approach and manage them effectively.
  • Develop the skills to investigate and resolve workplace conflicts using formal and informal methods.
  • Acquire the knowledge and behaviours necessary to manage and overcome workplace conflicts.

Chartered Management Institute established over 60 years ago as the British Institute of Management back then; it has developed the UK’s very first diploma in management studies. In the years that followed CMI has consistently been at the forefront of all aspects of management and leadership. Today CMI is the only chartered professional awarding body committed to offering the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. Presently over 100,000 managers use its unique services daily. CMI qualifications aim for managers and leaders at any level, and it remains the only Awarding Body which can award Chartered Manager status – the ultimate management accolade. Employers highly value the qualifications awarded by CMI, and boost your career prospects.

  • Outstanding tutor support that gives you supportive guidance all through the course accomplishment through SBTL Support Desk Portal.
  • Access to CMI Management Direct and our Cutting-edge Learning Management System, where you can access comprehensive learning resources and communicate with the support desk team.
  • Quality learning materials, study guides, practical applications including real-world examples, and case studies will enable you to apply your knowledge.
  • Supervision for all modules.
  • Live Classes (for Blended Learning Students only).

No Formal Assessment: Unlike formal qualifications, CMI Bitesize programs do not involve traditional assessments. Instead, they include a series of reflective activities that participants complete as part of the program. These activities encourage individuals to reflect on their learning, gain a deeper understanding of the concepts covered and explore how to apply their newfound knowledge in practical situations. The emphasis is on self-reflection and practical application rather than formal assessments.

Learners must:

  • Be 19 years of age and over
  • Have considerable work experience as a junior manager, first-line manager or similar job role.
  • Possess the ability to complete the Level 5 Qualification
  • Bitesize series are designed to align with CMI Level 5 qualifications. Upon completing all three programs within a series, you become eligible for the top-up route to obtain a Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership.
  • Qualifying for Foundation Chartered Manager Membership: Completing any three bitesize programs is sufficient to qualify for Foundation Chartered Manager (fCMgr) membership. These programs do not have to be from the same series.
  • The opportunity to work towards Chartered Manager status, the highest accolade in the management profession and awarded only by CMI.
  • Employers highly value the qualifications awarded by Chartered Management Institute and over 80% of managers opine that a CMI qualification is an essential component of becoming a professional manager.
  • Boost employee morale and engagement. According to Engage for Success (2013) about 65% of the employees do not have trust in managers. Comparing to other developed countries the UK has 6% lower average engagement (Kennexa, 2011).
  • Networking at any of our events around the UK or via our online community, including regional conferences, bespoke webinars and industry speakers.
  • Access to our research and insight content, including Professional Manager magazine, delivered to your door and available online.
  • The opportunity to be a part of CMI Achieve, our online coaching and mentoring programme that matches experienced managers and leaders with those looking to develop skills and knowledge.

Program No : 1

  • Understanding the different types and causes of workplace conflicts.
  • Recognising the stages and impact of matches within an organisation.
  • Applying conflict resolution strategies to specific workplace scenarios.

Program No : 2

  • Investigating and addressing conflicts using formal and informal resolution methods.
  • Mediation and negotiation techniques for conflict resolution.
  • Strategies for managing unresolved conflicts and preventing their escalation.

Program No : 3

  • Developing the necessary knowledge and skills for effectively managing workplace conflicts.
  • Applying conflict management techniques and strategies.
  • Cultivating behaviours and attitudes that contribute to positive conflict resolution.

Delivery Methods

School of Business and Technology London offers a range of flexible learning options to cater to the diverse needs of our learners. With both online learning and blended learning available, students have the freedom to choose their preferred mode of study based on their personal preferences and convenience. The programmes are designed to be self-paced, facilitated by our cutting-edge Learning Management System, ensuring a seamless and engaging learning experience.

At SBTL, we have embraced an innovative approach to education, replacing traditional classroom-based learning with web-based instruction. We take great delight in providing exceptional support and resources for both online and blended learning formats. Each learner enrolled at SBTL, irrespective of their learning formats, is assigned a dedicated tutor to offer comprehensive guidance and assistance throughout their learning journey.

A notable distinction between our blended learning and online learning methods lies in the Block Delivery of Online Live Sessions. Learners enrolled in the blended learning programme have the option to schedule and book block delivery of live online classes in advance at an additional cost, providing further flexibility and convenience. These live sessions are tailored to align with the learner’s specific program of study and aim to deepen their understanding of research, methodology, and other essential study skills. We strive to make these live sessions highly interactive, incorporating engaging activities and presentations to facilitate effective communication and participation.

At SBTL, we are committed to delivering a superior learning experience that combines flexibility, comprehensive support, and interactive sessions.

Resources and Support

At the School of Business & Technology London, we prioritise providing excellent support and resources to enhance your learning experience. We have established a centralised tutor support desk portal dedicated to all your support needs. Our responsive support team works closely with both tutors and learners to offer timely guidance, assessment feedback, and any additional study support required. When you submit a support request through the portal, whether it&s for guidance, feedback, or assistance, our support team promptly assigns it to an allocated tutor. As soon as we receive a response from the tutor, we make it available to you through the portal, ensuring a seamless and efficient support process.

The learning materials for Bitesize courses are developed by industry experts and include the following:

  • Structured lecture notes.
  • Comprehensive study guides.
  • Practical applications with real-world examples.
  • Interesting case studies that enable you to apply your knowledge effectively.

These materials are available in digital formats such as PDF, PowerPoint, or Interactive Text Content, accessible through our user-friendly learning portal. You will also gain exclusive access to CMI Management Direct as a learner. This invaluable platform provides a wealth of management resources to enrich your learning journey further.

From e-books and articles to inspiring leader videos, innovative ideas and essential models, Management Direct offers diverse content that will broaden your understanding of the management field.

We are dedicated to ensuring you have the support and resources to thrive in your studies. Our commitment to providing comprehensive assistance and high-quality learning materials sets us apart, empowering you to achieve your academic and professional goals. Experience the difference of studying at the School of Business and Technology London and unlock your true potential.

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