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BA (Hons) in Business Management(Top-Up)

Today’s ever changing business world is driven by innovative professionals who are capable of identifying the opportunities after analysing the environment and making decisions that will enhance the organisation’s competitive edge. Our BA (Hons) in Business Management Top-Up programme is aimed at developing these skills and competencies. In this programme, you will learn the critical evaluation of important business models and the strategic application of those models to real life situations by completing a research project on your own.

The BA program is delivered and awarded by one of our partnered universities.The program provides in-depth knowledge of management practices and certainly equips you with essential skills and the self-assurance required for achieving success, therefore encourages you to move up the career ladder and take on more prestigious job positions with better pay and benefits in the chosen industry. Additionally, students will have access to all our online resources and tutorial support.SBL will facilitate students to enrol in the BA program with its partnering universities.

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