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MSc in Accounting and Finance inclusive of QUALIFI Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Take your wisdom and expertise to the next level with the upcoming and most desired program. A career in accounting, financial services or related sectors of the economy requires a high level of understanding of both the theory and practice of accounting and finance. MSc in Accounting and Finance course is designed to give you a broad-based knowledge of the core subject areas with an emphasis on empirical research methods and on accounting and finance practice; moreover, will also help you to have a strategic viewpoint on management and organisational change.

Whether you want to further your professional career or go on to study for a PhD, this course gives you the qualification you need to succeed. You will graduate from MSc Accounting and Finance with skills and scholarship that will be attractive to a wide range of employers. You may choose to work from a wide array of sectors in accounting, audit, internal control, financial analysis, consultancy or insurance, or become a financial advisor or financial analyst. You could become a trainee chartered accountant and take further professional accounting qualifications. The course is also excellent preparation for research at PhD level in an accounting, finance or a related field. This program will indisputably improve your prospects of scaling the heights of the career ladder.

The program has two phases, the first phase is the QUALIFI Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance which is delivered by School of Business London and awarded by QUALIFI, an Ofqual regulated awarding body. The second phase is the MSc Accounting & Finance - Top Up program which is delivered and awarded by one of our partnered universities. The programwill provide an in-depth understanding of accounting practices and certainly equip you with essential skills and the self-assurance required for achieving success in the chosen industry. Upon completion of QUALIFI Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance, SBL will facilitate students to enrol in the MSc Accounting and Finance top-up program with its partnering university.

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